Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • Unique spin physics magnetic induction technology produce ion exchange effects and can suck deep dirt and grease, reduce the formation of acne, effectively regulate skin oil situation, softening cleansing, repaving
  • Physical oil control formula will remove excess oil, protect sebum membrane from harm, easy to clean, non-oily
  • Dense bubble design can penetrate crevices of nose pores, effectively clean up remaining colour after makeup, remove impurities, toxins, stay brightening
  • Add a famous Japanese rice bran extract, rich in vitamins A, E, amino acids and niacin, etc. Soften thick horny layer, effectively moisturize and prevent dry skin, whitening, remain “clean “feeling
  • Morocco natural mineral soil and rock composition its rich mineral nutrients will be brought in skin, clay elasticity
  • Combination of hyaluronic acid and multiple trace elements, powerful ion moisturizing effect bursting thousand times of water storage capacity, fresh not tight after use
  • Seven kinds of plant extracts were combined, effectively inhibit melanin, improve allergy, anti-inflammatory effect, gentle cleansing, pores refining

(1) Squeeze out the size of about fifty cents coin. Put it to washing net, rub it to a bubble form, then apply it to the face.

(2) First, the hands do not touch the face directly, work fingers in a circulate motion to the face untill the bubble is fully covered (repeat 3 times) and then rinse.