HA Sakura Horse Oil Moisturizing Cream


HA Sakura Horse Oil Moisturizing Cream
Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • Upgrade whitening effect, solve the fundamental problem of pigment, helps remove face yellowish, improve facial swelling.
  • 7 kinds of plant extracts, enhance skin resistance, reduce red dot.
  • Calm rashes, sensitive, acne, prickly heat and skin redness and other symptoms, whitening, prevent dark spots, freckles and other formation.
  • Horse oil combined with micro- molecular hyaluronic acid, can penetrate into deep skin, and its powerful absorption, can absorb 1,000 times water molecules to achieve excellent moisturizing results.
  • Powerful moisturizing factor ( macro hyaluronic acid ) , can quickly form a powerful film on the skin surface, prolonged moisturizing time.
  • Cherry liquid, quickly enhance skin elasticity and firmness, fine pores, Dodge expression lines, fine lines, wrinkles, repair flaws, whitening translucent.
  • Rich in high purity squalene, antioxidant capacity, effective against free radicals, slow skin aging.
  • Improve skin oxygen content, the skin can quickly restore full of energy state.
  • Promote collagen, metabolism, quickly repairing damaged cells.
  • Speed solve dry skin, itching, peeling or other issues.
  • For eczema, prickly heat, sunburn, housewife hand, etc.