HA Natural Horse Oil Facial Cream



HA Natural Horse Oil Facial Cream
Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • Revolutionary technology combine with three different elements, moisturizing skin and infusing oil nutrients , enhancing skin flexibility.
  • Horse oil combine with micro hyaluronic acid, it’s strong water absorption power bring 1000 times water molecule into the skin deep, make the skin achieve excellent watery effect.
  • High performance natural moisturizing factor
  • ( macromolecule hyaluronic acid) form powerful water film on the skin rapidly, locking and prolong the time of skin moisturizing.

  • Enhance anti-wrinkle, reduce emotional lines, fine lines and shrink pores etc.
  • Anti-oxidation, skin will be returning in full status rapidly.
  • Regulate skin physiological function and maintain skin self- healing capability, even skin tone, reduce age spots.
  • Strengthen skin resistance , improve sensitive skin, prevent and improve the dry skin, itching, peeling condition.
  • Improve eczema, heat rash, scalds, burns, sunburn, hand eczema , dermatitis problem.
  • Non additive , mild nature, suitable for all skin types.

Wash face → lotion → essence → cream → HA Natural Horse oil Facial cream


Horse oil strong penetration ability, bring nutrients into the skin deep, nourish the skin, lock water, moisturizing.

Introduction effect, nutrition for the skin first, then slowly rebuilding cells arrangement, enhances skin

self-absorption capacity.

All natural, safe for pregnant woman and baby.