HA UV Water Cream Q10


HA UV Water Cream Q10
Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • Combine with the highest concentration of Q10 and hyaluronic acid, and blend with refined horse oil, it will be changed into water drops in a minute when apply it, Rapidly absorbed by the skin.
  • 3D nano factor, continuous to supply water at the bottom, helps cells to absorb, further moisturizing.
  • Horse oil combine with micro hyaluronic acid, which can penetrate into the deep skin, it’s strong water absorption power can absorb 1000 times water molecule and bring it into the deep skin, to achieve excellent moisturizing effect.
  • High effective natural moisturizing factor
  • ( macromolecule hyaluronic acid) form powerful water film on the skin rapidly, locking and prolong the time of skin moisturizing.

  • Natural physical sunscreen, effectively block UVA and UVB, moisturizing, locking water and eliminating oil at the same time, prevent the skin from becoming rough and dull.
  • Renew cuticle, promote cells circulation, maintain skin soft and delicate.
  • Help repair intercellular substance, firming skin, keep skin full, translucent, zero pores.
  • Activate bone collagen proliferation, reduce fine lines defects, inhibit melanoma, whitening, anti-aging, presenting watery delicate skin. Enhances skin resistance, improve sensitive skin, dryness, itching and peeling etc.
  • Especially suitable for after treatment of laser and IPL.

Wash face → Lotion → Essence → HA UV Water Cream Q10


Day and night use after cleansing, take a suitable amount of it, apply even on face and neck, around the eyes is also available.

All natural suitable for the over age of 12.