Botanic Essense



Botanic Essense
Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • Extracts High PH aquatic plants Ingredients, can effective relieve, sooth and calm skin
  • This essense will improve sensitive skin, soothe redness
  • Whitening & promote anti-oxidant ability, also reduce epidermal pigmentation and inhibit melanin
  • Recover the facial capillaries to a flawless status
  • Anti-bacteria & reduce the inflammation, visibly for reduce the formation of acne & blackheads, prevent facial edema
  • Reduce freckles & dark spots, even helps fade the scar. firming, shrink pore
  • Activates white corpuscles, enhance cutaneous immunity power
  • Balance facial grease secreted & eliminating toxin function can help stop fat grain
  • Helps your skin look fresher and youthfull