Horse Placenta Essense (EGF)


Horse Placenta Essense (EGF)
Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • Placenta extract is rich in protein, vitamins, nucleic acid, enzymes, carbohydrates, minerals, unsaturated fatty acid and a variety of growth factor. Contain with EGF, promote skin cell regeneration function
  • The content of the total amino acid is rich than general placenta (pig origin) approximately 200 times
  • High penetration, deeply nourishing, to improve the skin regenerative capacity continually
  • Repair damaged skin cells, particularly protect the tired & harmed skin and to activate it. Help you get skin supple like babies again
  • Make your skin bright & charming, to improve facial flaw and detailed line in all-around way, recover elasticity, make skin plump & delicate
  • Focus on desalinate the black spot, may reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, Whitening, anti-oxidation, anti-aging
  • Efficient of deeply moisturizing & nourishing, firming the skin, leaves skin compact and shapely