Horse Oil Refreshing Facial Cream


Horse Oil Refreshing Facial Cream
Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • Refined horse oil plus squalane & 8 kinds of botanic essences
  • Effectively improve acne, soothe redness of skin allergies and other conditions
  • Balance oil secretion, promote metabolism, delay the aging process.
  • Visibly water retention, adds protection against drying, skin itchiness, peeling and subsided dry and fine lines
  • Refreshing tired skin, pores, relieve dry & dull skin color.
  • This cream can protect skin lipid & helps protect against harmful free radicals
  • Relieve lentigo, helps diminish the look of wrinkle with high performance ingredients, make skin natural smooth & brighten.
  • Adds botanic essences, it helps to soothing Anti-sensitive, comfort rehydrating, moisten, fresh & cooleffectively for eczema, heat rash, does not contain steroids.