UV Water Cream Q10



UV Water Cream Q10
Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • A special Japanese technical, to make the high concentrations of Q10 (Coenzyme) converted into small particles
  • Effective Dodge wrinkles, smooth dry fine line
  • Can prevent the formation of dark spots and freckles , tighten pores
  • Activate cells, increase blood circulation to the face & renewal metabolism
  • This cream will become water drops while you applying the cream onto your face, massage gently, being easily absorbed by skin
  • Help improve eczema , dry, itchy, peeling and other conditions
  • Ingredients to neutralize free radicals, enhance collagen, fight aging, also contain moisturizing and whitening effects
  • Contains UV sunscreen effect, SPF 25 PA++, provide long-term moisturizing effects
  • For daytime use, it will make your skin smooth, white and charming, also protect the skin from the harm of the sun’s UV ultraviolet rays