Refined Horse Oil


Refined Horse Oil
Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • Selects the best quality of Hokkaido horse oil, applied to a separation technical refining process in 14 days. (The essence is Triple of Pure Horse Oil)
  • Rapidly nourish, make the skin soft, charming and elastic
  • Ingredients to neutralize free radicals, fight aging, also whitening and reduce epidermal pigmentation and inhibit melanin
  • Recombinant cell arrangement tightness and moisture , pores , smooth fine lines , wrinkles
  • Moisturizing , balance oil secretion , delay skin aging
  • Improve skin from the inside out , soothe sensitive skin
  • Promote blood circulation , increase metabolism, help improve the easily damaged skin
  • Speed solve dry skin due to burst , itching , peeling or other issues , improve skin resistance
  • Eczema, prickly heat , housewife hand , dermatitis, dry and cracked , burns, burns , stretch marks, stomatitis etc
  • Non-steroids & non-additives. Suitable for Babies & children as well as adults