Squalene Linseed Pure Horse Oil


Squalene Linseed Pure Horse Oil
Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • Rich in unsaturated fatty acids combine with multiple omega 3, water soluble fibra accelerate penetration, enhance wound self-healing capability, against more causes of skin problems.
  • Efficacy of combination of factors, longer period protective function in different skin layer, keep the skin soft and smooth, prevent the skin from any changes caused by changing weather.
  • Replenish skin EPA and DHA, enhance skin immunity, improve vulnerable sensitive skin, boost skin self-healing capability.
  • Strengthen soft cell membrane, make cells obtain adequate nourishment and remove the waste in cells at the same time, to accelerate the skin renew function.
  • Powerful moisturizing formula, put more water into skin, increase water run.
  • Dermis excrete more powerful collagen and elastic fibers, back to natural elasticity and shining, special moisturizing dry sensitive skin.
  • Prevent water loss, effectively improve the dry skin, itchy, peeling, reduce dry lines, harsh feeling, let the skin back to soft and smooth.
  • Regulate skin physiological function, even skin tone, firming loosing skin.
  • Keep skin healthy, promote blood circulation, boost metabolism, reduce muscle fatique.
  • Have a significant effect on eczema, diaper rash, heat rash, scalds, burns, sunburn, arthritis, muscle pain, hand eczema, dermatitis ,etc.
  • Accelerate occlusion of wounds, reduce scar formation.
  • Prevent stretch marks, orange skin line.
  • All natural, safe for pregnant woman and baby.

Apply thin, even layer of the linseed horse oil over the body directly, until the skin is fully absorbed.
Apply cream and linseed horse oil together, the strong horse oil affinity and penetrability which can be blended with other cream, enhance the effectiveness of skin care and properly take care of all skin types.

All natural, safe for pregnant woman and baby.