HA Horse Oil Facial Moisturizing Cream


HA Horse Oil Facial Moisturizing Cream
Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • Focus on upgrading anti- inflammation and anti-allergy capacity, calm and relieve skin allergies, reduce the skin from irritation.
  • 7 kinds of botanic essences carefully modulated, enhance the skin resistance, reduce rash, improve facial swelling.
  • Conditioning nourish, to reduce the possible damage caused by poor skin barrier function during the cleansing process.
  • Calm rash, allergies, acne, heat rash, skin redness, etc, whitening, restrain the formation of black spots, freckle.
  • Unique harmonic technology, the unsaturated fatty acid and various protection factor penetrate into the skin orderly, continue to repair in various skin layer, adequate supply of water run nourishes from the inside out, continuous to keep moisturizing and elasticity.
  • Horse oil combine with micro hyaluronic acid, it’s strong water absorption capacity will bring 1000 times water molecule into the deep skin.
  • High effective natural moisturizing factor
  • ( macromolecule hyaluronic acid) form powerful water film on the skin rapidly, locking water, extend skin moisture period.

  • Tighten the loosing skin, shrink pores, reduce emotional lines, fine lines, wrinkle, etc.
  • High purity squalene, strong anti-oxidant capacity, effective against free radical, anti-skin aging.
  • Promote skin oxygen content, make the skin recover fresh state quickly.
  • Regulate skin physiological function and maintain skin self- healing capability.
  • Promote blood circulation, boost metabolism, rapidly repair injured cells.
  • Rapidly solve burst, itchy, peeling due to dry skin.
  • Have a significant effect on eczema, diaper rash, heat rash, scalds, burns, sunburn, hand eczema dermatitis ,etc.

Wash face → Lotion → Essence → Cream → HA Natural Horse Oil Facial Moisturizing Cream


For better absorption ability skin, horse oil strong penetration ability, bring nutrients into the deep skin, nourishing the skin, locking water, moisturizing.

For better absorption ability skin, for introduction effect, nutrition for the skin first, then slowly rebuilding cells arrangement, enhance skin self-absorption capacity.

All natural, safe for pregnant woman and baby.