Linseed Pure Horse Oil



Linseed Pure Horse Oil
Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • 100% Natural, Pure Horse Oil plus flaxseed, included rich Omega 3
  • Rich in unsaturated fatty acid, improve EPA & DHA development, strongly moisturize skin, advantages for dry & sensitive skin.
  • Make dermis increasing of collagen & elastic, minimizes moisture loss, prevent dry weather irritates your skin
  • Speedy solve the problem of skin dry, such as itching, peeling, reduce wrinkle, promotion cell self-recover ability, even skin tone, firming, shapely
  • Make your skin health, promote metabolism, refreshing tired muscle.
  • It helps sunburn, scald, relaxing the skin inflammation, also helps Eczema, diaper rash to quick recovery
  • Natural ingredients. Pregnant, babies and children are safe to use