Apple Horse Oil Moist Gel


Apple Horse Oil Moist Gel
Capacity:30g / 80g
Price:HK$198 / HK$450
Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • Rich in pectin fiber effectively enhances skin elasticity, smooth and tender.
  • Soothing skin allergies, reducing skin irritation.
  • Multiple vitamin A,B1,B2,C,E, strengthening skin resistances, reducing redness.
  • Soothing rashes, acne, heat rash, skin redness symptoms.
  • Horse oil strong penetration ability, bring apple water nutrients into the deep skin, rich cell nutrients, enhances skin firmness.
  • Apple extract can make the skin more shine, delicate and bright.
  • Unique hydraulic technology, fresh texture, skin will be more easily absorbed, especially suitable for summer.
  • Tighten the loosing skin, shrink pores, reduce emotional lines, fine lines, wrinkles.
  • Develop horse oil potential ability, effectively against free radical, antioxidant, extend skin aging.
  • Rapidly replenish the hyaluronic acid and collagen that skin tissues lost.
  • Jojoba’s double moisturizing effect, balance oil secretion, keep freshening.
  • Promote cell regeneration, boost metabolism, rapidly repair injured cells.
  • Used as cream and moisturizing mask, quickly hydrating and brightening.
  • Rapidly solve the skin problem such as swelling or itching caused by sunburn,peeling etc.
  • Soothing eczema, rash, sunburn, used as treatment after sunbathing.

Wash face → lotion → essence → Apple horse oil moist gel


Used as moisturizing mask for 15 minutes, gently massage face and neck would be much more effective.

Jelly horse oil will be more permeable than the traditional one, rapidly bring nutrients into the deep skin, nourish the skin, lock water, moisturizing, especially suitable for summer or after sunbath.