Squalene Refined Horse Oil


Squalene Refined Horse Oil
Ingredients and Efficacy:
  • High-purity refined horse oil, can fully penetrate into deep skin, inspire deep skin absorption capacity, conditioning subcutaneous tissues, accelerate moisturizing effect.
  • Deep sea shark squalene- extract, fully enhance the antioxidant capacities, rapidly make the skin full and elasticity.
  • Enhance the skin oxygen content, improve dull and yellowish skin color, inhibit pigment deposition.
  • Add squalene elements , enhance skin immunity, improve vulnerable, sensitive skin.
  • Refined horse oil combines with high-content squalene and moisten factor, greatly enhance the moisturizing effect.
  • Balance oil secretion, shrink pores, reduce wrinkle, repair injured cells.
  • Deep renew, improve the skin harsh feeling, acnes, helps diminish inflammation.
  • Promote blood circulation, metabolism, delay skin aging.
  • Solve burst, itchy, peeling due to dry skin.
  • Have a significant effect on eczema, diaper rash, heat rash, scalds, burns, sunburn, arthritis, muscle pain, hand eczema, dermatitis ,etc.
  • Prevent stretch marks, orange skin line.

Suitable for any part of body, it can also be used together with the other cream.

Horse oil strong penetration ability, bring nutrients into the skin deep, nourish the skin, lock water, moisturizing.

Import effect, nutrition for the skin first, then slowly rebuilding cells arrangement, Enhance skin self-absorption capacity.

All natural, safe for pregnant woman and baby.